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Our Team


Erika Almond


Welcome! My name is Erika Almond, owner of Offshore Therapy.  As someone who is passionate about fishing, I wanted to create a brand and artwork that is unique to the fishing community. As a wife and mother of two, I am truly fortunate to get to share my love of offshore fishing with my family! My husband is a surgeon who loves being on the you can imagine his job can be pretty stressful.  Every time he needs a break, we'd go as a family for a little "Offshore Therapy".  It ALWAYS does the trick.  I'm sure we can all relate to leaving our worries out on the water.  

​Offshore Therapy was created as an idea for the everyday angler to get a prescription for some offshore fishing relief from daily life. As an angler who seeks solitude on the water, I knew that creating a brand that we could all relate to was important. Offshore Therapy is a family owned and run business based out of Saint Petersburg, Florida. We were all born and raised in Florida and know the types of fishing Florida has to offer! We are based on the Gulf coast, but we love traveling to the east coast, and other parts of Florida, to enjoy the bountiful fishing Florida has to offer.  As native Floridians, our artwork and designs focus on our fishing experiences.

Brett with Snapper.jpg

Brett Almond


Born and raised in the panhandle, fishing and boating have always been a passion of mine. Living in St. Petersburg, FL, has allowed me to continue a lifestyle that I love. As a surgeon in Pinellas County, it's difficult to find a lot of time to get away for a little "Offshore Therapy", but we always manage to find a way!  I'm excited to get to share this journey with my family and with you! Let me know when you need a prescription for a little offshore fishing!

Evan Fishing Bio.jpg

Evan Almond

Manager In Training

I've been fishing my whole life and am so glad that I live in an area where I can go offshore whenever I want!  My favorite fish to catch is a grouper, but I'm pretty good at catching all of them.  I enter every tournament that my parents do and am never left behind on any trip.  I LOVE being a part of the team and can't wait for my next fishing trip.  This is one prescription I don't fight my parents to take!

Kaitlyn OT Bio.jpg

Kaitlyn Kennedy

Event Participant

As the daughter of an avid fishing family, I'm usually the one called on to help unload the boat, clean off rods, and make sure to feed the starving fishing team when they come home.  I really enjoy helping out at the events Offshore Therapy is involved in.  Even though I'm heading to college in the fall, I plan on coming back as much as I can to support my family and the Offshore Therapy team.

Family Photo OT Party.jpg
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