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Our Story

My name is Erika Almond, owner of Offshore Therapy.  We are a Florida company based in St. Petersburg. My husband is a surgeon who works a lot.  However, as a "fishing family" we knew he could always get away with a little "Offshore Therapy" and we'd all load up on the boat and head out where cell phones didn't work and we could get away...even for a few hours.  This is where the concept was born.  As soon as my husband said, "I need some offshore therapy," we knew a break was in order.  I decided we probably weren't the only ones... Fishing mostly on the gulf coast with yearly trips fishing for tuna off of the east coast to the Bahamas, I wanted to be able to 'prescribe' a little offshore therapy for all of us who need it.  This is why you'll only see fish in our artwork that we target...we know the right prescription for that!  Additionally, it was important to me to create fabrics that were unique to the fishing community and that had special cuts to them that would appeal to women as well.  That's what you'll find in our clothing.  Furthermore, our women's crop tops are completely functional for fishing/water sports allowing for movement while still looking appealing.


I wanted the weights of our fabrics to be unique. We have a variety of weights to appeal to all anglers.  This was developed by my six-year-old son who has been fishing nonstop since he was twelve months old! He was even a feature on a local news story when he was still in a playpen.  My son has sensory sensitivities and one day he saw me laying out a variety of fabrics on the kitchen floor trying to figure out how I wanted to make them different.  He picked up several samples and played around with them.  Finally, he handed several of them to me & said, "This is what you want!" I felt the combination and knew right away it was perfection.  I asked him how he knew this was the right combination and he replied, "When I get dressed to go on the boat, I wear the same types of shirts over and over again because of the way it feels on my face when I pull it over my head.  When I pile these fabrics together and touch my face with them, it feels fantastic!"  The combination and weight of the fabrics that Offshore Therapy uses today is because of that experience. 


This is where our journey in Offshore Therapy has taken us so far. We are excited to share our vision with anyone who loves the water as much as we do!


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